My Arsenal

All my tools that I use for my woodworking


It is always interesting to see how one develops when commiting to something new.

When I first started doing my woodwork I had close to no tools at all. Sure there was a few general tools that my father had that I could use but none that I could call my own. Here I will share the tools that I have and that I use for my woodworking and as I get additions to my arsenal I will update it here.

That first faithfull day that I started my journey I went to a local mall to go visit a hobby shop. It was there that I bought my first set of tools I could call mine. It was simple, and cheap but it has not let me down as of yet.

Wood Carving Chisel set

DSC_3425   DSC_3426

This is the first toolset that I bought. I use it when carving. It is usefull when working with smaller, finer pieces. The skew chisel is my favourite one out of the bunch, it is basically the main chisel I used throughout the beginning of my hobby.

Pottery tools


Now these are usually used while doing pottery to engrave all sorts of patterns but I found another use for them. Using the ball points of these tools I use them when I want to “round out” something in wood. Say I engraved a name on a piece of wood using one of my chisels, I will then use these tools to help soften the look.

Thumb guards


I learnt early on while on my journey that woodworking tools are sharp. And sharp tools cut. And I learnt on the hard way that my flesh is quite susceptible to sharp objects. I went and bought myself some thumb guards that seemstresses use and reinforced them with some band aids. This makes for a renewable guard because once the band aid on the outside is worn/cut to shreds, just replace that and you’re good to go.

Soldering iron


My fathers old soldering iron. This works quite well when doing pyrography. I am still lacking a proper pyrography pen so this will have to do for now.

Hand scroll saw


The hand scroll saw. When I bought this it was like entering into a new world! All of a sudden there was so much more that I could do. The best things about this saw is that

1. it has a narrow blade, which means you can turn the saw while cutting

2. it has a wide frame, so you can cut deeper than your average small hack saws

3. you can adjust the blade’s angle!

This really comes in hande when cutting out your initial piece that you want to work from. It helps shape your workpiece closer to what you want and thus saves a lot of time compared to just roughing it out by hand with a small chisel (as I did in the beginning :P)

It was after I bought this that I was able to progress into bigger and better projects.

Some general tools


Just some general tools that come in handy from time to time, power drill, hammer, tongs, screw drivers, screws and nails, dust masks and gloves.


DSC_3453  DSC_3456  DSC_3459

Woodoc is the type of finish I prefer to apply onto my projects. It was recommended to my by my uncle and it feels to me like it gives a softer, more natural look to the wood as compared to using traditional varnish. I sometimes use wood dye to add some colour or personality to a project. And lastly mineral turpentine to clean off my brushes after I have used them.


DSC_0575  DSC_3443

Hand planer to prepare a piece of wood and plane the surface. Graters to rough out a project and then files for the finer work where sand paper cannot get into.

I have added an electrical planer to my christmas list but no-one seems to want to buy me one. But one of these days, one can hope…


DSC_3446  DSC_3445

Some big 600mm clamps and some 100mm smaller clamps. Handy when building a projects that consists of many different pieces of wood that needs to be glued together. I am also told that you can never enough clamps, and so far I agree with that statement.

Dremel Scroll saw


The Dremel Moto-saw

I would say that when I got this saw it marked a turning point in my woodworking journey. This was the first expensive piece of equipment that I got. My parents bought it for me as a combined birthday and christmas present while I was still a student at university. It was a big decision because this meant, for myself, that there was no turning back and that I would go all-in into this thing called woodworking. I have not regretted the decision so far and I doubt that I ever will.

This is a very handy tool, it has been my bread and butter since I got it. It works similar to the hand scroll saw except that it is electrically powered. This means more control and precision when cutting a piece of wood. The only problem is that you are limited in your depth. One day my future band saw will make up for this shortcoming.

Orbital sander


I got this sander as payment for a restoration project I did for my mother. It has made life a hell of a lot easier because sanding any big object by hand is not fun.

Rotary tool

DSC_2310 DSC_2339

I got this Ryobi rotary tool as a present from my uncle. It has an extension for the tip with many different tool tips. There is many different things that you can do with this and I have probably only scratched the surface so far. I use this for any engraving I do in my woodwork and also for some sanding in odd places. It also has cutting discs, polishing, grinding stones etc. I have not delved as deep into the possiblities of this toolas I would have liked, but with time I am sure I will learn.

Woodturing Lathe


The newest edition to my arsenal. A 1m wood lathe from Adendorff (Adendorff). I am still very new at turning work but I am eager to see what I can do with this new beast.

That concludes all the main tools that I am using at the moment.

Crazy Oak out.